Erin grew up in Bridgewater, NJ. Erin was a shy, awkward youth but did manage to score her first role at age 8, cast as Helen Keller in an alarmingly makeshift school play. Unfortunately, her acting was so terrible that the play was cancelled.

A decade-long break ensued, fueled partly by shame, yes, but mostly by thousands of hours of swim practice. During Erin’s sophomore year at Villanova University, she decided to try out for a play because it was also her mother’s favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  To her shock, she was cast! The fire was lit!

Erin cultivated her growing obsession with a deep involvement in Villanova Student Theatre, as well as obtaining a minor in Theatre from Villanova. Following graduation from college, in 2012, Erin continued her acting training in New York City, and began auditioning.  She now seeks acting and occasionally modeling work primarily in the New York City and Philadelphia markets, but is more than amenable to travel. She sees acting as lifelong, and as much more than “just a hobby.” In her free time she enjoys approaching people on the street to ask them about their dogs.


Erin is currently in the editing stages and seeking literary representation for a manuscript she began in July 2012. She hopes next to get to work on a collection of short stories. Lighter fare can be found on her blog, CasualWorld, which has been in existence since May 2013.

Erin is open to collaboration with other artists and also does freelance work in addition
to her own.


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